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Argentines demand an end to hate and political violence | News

Several squares in the city of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, hosted demonstrations to support Vice President Cristina Fernández and demand the cessation of hatred and violence as political tools, according to local media. in sequence:

Argentines remember the victims of the Night of the Pencils

According to reports, hundreds of people responded to a call from the Frente de Todos in Buenos Aires to show their solidarity with the former president, the victim of an assassination attempt on September 1, still under investigation.

“We are going square by square, neighborhood by neighborhood, united and mobilized in defense of Cristina, democracy and the homeland,” Senator Mariano Recalde had pointed out in the call.

The town takes care of Cristina
Cristina takes care of the people

See you this Saturday in Boedo and Villa Mitre. ☀️

Join in defending Cristina and democracy. ����

— ALL CABA (@TodosCaba)
September 16, 2022

Members of that political caucus, social movements and residents of the metropolitan area gathered in the areas of Boedo, Pappo and Giordano Bruno to say “Everyone with Cristina”, demand popular unity for the rule of law and respect for a life without violence.

�� The Plaza Mariano Boedo of commune 5 was the meeting point for the groups, activists, neighbors and neighbors to express strong support for Cristina and reflect on the present that the City of Buenos Aires is going through.

– Companions (@agrupcompaneres)
September 17, 2022

The previous weekend they had organized a similar activity in Parque Lezama, in addition to a Mass for Peace and Fraternity in the Basilica of Luján, presided over by the president of the nation, Alberto Fernández.

During a meeting the day before with the congregations of Curas Villeros, Option for the Poor and religious and lay sisters, Cristina Fernández said that “God and the Virgin took care of her” during the attack and wanted to share the experience with them.

He also reflected on the facts and concluded that the worst thing was not his security, but the rupture of the democratic pact established in Argentina after the dictatorship and publicly called for dialogue with the opposition as a political solution.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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