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They kill a man who killed civilians in the Dominican Republic | News

The National Police of the Dominican Republic shot down an aggressor who killed two people with a rifle and injured at least six law enforcement officers in the Villa Pereira sector of the city of La Romana this Friday morning. in sequence:

Dominican Vice Admiral Accused of Murdering a Communicator

According to the authorities, the man identified as Román Guerrero Tavárez, known as “Daniel el Ebanista”, was killed after midnight after more than seven hours of confrontation.

The investigations are in the preliminary phase and the reason for the attacker’s behavior is still unknown. He barricaded himself in a neighborhood store where he took second lieutenant Moisés Hernández hostage, who died from a gunshot wound.

This incident this afternoon in La Romana, in which a “cabinet maker”, armed with a rifle, killed two people and wounded five police officers, shows why Dominican police officers require at least a year of training.

– Ricardo Rojas León (@R_Rojas_Leon)
September 16, 2022

However, in the last few hours local media have reported that Guerrero Tavárez was upset because he had reported that he was the victim of robberies in his workshop and the Police did not act to clarify them.

One of the two civilians killed was identified as Gamaliel Mota García, while the wounded law enforcement officers were taken to the Arístides Fiallo Cabral hospital in La Romana, where the body of the aggressor is also found in the morgue.

Among the injured police officers are Jorge Luis Cuevas Pérez, from the Swat team; Sergeant Pedro González Sánchez; Corporal Adelin Alberto Maldonado, and Private Moisés Navarro Santana, meanwhile the rest have not been revealed.

The justice system failed him, they robbed him on multiple occasions, he filed a complaint, they were ignored and he took justice into his hands.

In short, private revenge metastasizes in La Romana, where the most corrupt justice system in the region exists.

It could be avoided

– Franchesca Castillo ⭐ (@franchiscastill)
September 16, 2022

The acting lawyer, Benito Kellys, arrived at the scene of the events to survey the crime scene, where the civilian victims remained on the street.

Specifically, the event occurred on Eugenio A. Miranda street in the Guaymate alley belonging to the province of La Romana, located in the southeast of the Caribbean nation.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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