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They estimate that one million Uruguayans participated in the national strike | News

The president of the Interunion Plenary of Workers-National Workers Convention (PIT-CNT) of Uruguay, Marcelo Abdala, estimated on Thursday that one million people joined the 24-hour general strike called against social inequalities. in sequence:

Uruguayan workers reaffirm support for the national strike

During a press conference, the leader of the plant commented on the first results of the strike, which he described as forceful due to the number of workers who participated in the territory.

Abdala explained that sectors such as “the central administration, in all public companies, in the public and private education system, in public and private banking, in construction and in the manufacturing industry,” have been the most represented.

“We appreciate that we are facing a great 24-hour general strike,” said Abdala, who highlighted the democratic and voluntary nature of the mobilization, which was organized from the union branches of the departmental plenary sessions of the PIT-CNT, and did not have an act central.

The union leader considered that the circulation of empty public means of transport around the city was an indicator of the success of the call, in forceful response “to some controversies that have developed, which in some way question the relevance or legitimacy of the development of this unemployment”.

The leader of the PIT-CNT alluded to the signs of recovery shown by the Uruguayan economy, based on Government estimates that point to a growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 2.7 percent; however, society shows alarming rates of inequality.

“Indeed, people are not making ends meet and there is a very strong signal that there is a strategy that widens the inequality gap and that it is conceived as a model of exclusionary growth and accumulation that is for a few,” he assured. .

The day of the strike called by the Uruguayan PIT-CNT was characterized by the installation of tents and loudspeakers in different parts of the cities where social activists, unions and workers attended to show their disagreement with the government measures and make known their position against to inequality.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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