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Binding regional dialogues begin in Turbaco, Colombia | News

The binding regional dialogues began in Colombia this Friday in the municipality of Turbaco, belonging to the department of Bolívar, with the purpose of collectively building the National Development Plan of that South American country, which will govern the next four years of the Government of President Gustavo Petro. in sequence:

Colombian President calls for dialogues in the regions

The talks are attended by the Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes, who explained that citizen requests will be collected in order to prioritize these demands and capture them in the government development plan.

According to the local media, the mayor of Turbaco, Guillermo Torres, intends to build an improvement plan “with the participation of all Colombians and based on social, environmental and economic justice.”

It’s time for change Colombia! so that together and together through the Binding Regional Dialogues we contribute to the National Development Plan. Their voices, knowledge and participation will be the path for transformation and achieve the dream that we long for, a Colombia in Peace.

– Francia Márquez Mina (@FranciaMarquezM)
September 15, 2022

In this sense, the talks, which will be extended to 50 regions of the country, are intended to be spaces in which citizens participate together with government officials, ministers and state entities to socialize the needs and expectations of the inhabitants of those territories.

Topics such as access to water, energy tariffs, climate change, security, land use planning, the drive towards total peace, the fight against hunger, access to health, the energy transition, among other aspects, will be considered by the Ministerial Cabinet.

Recently, Petro defined that the final objective of these dialogues will be “the construction of an environment of total peace, where all of us can live in equal conditions. A total peace built on strong foundations of social justice, economic justice and environmental justice”, foundations on which a new country will be built.

“Transforming Colombia into a country of total peace is not an exclusive task of the Government or of a few (…) Colombia will not be a passive society in the face of historical injustice, the entire citizenry must be an active part of the construction of a different country” , stressed Petro, who invited all Colombians to participate.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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