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They arrest another person for an attack against Cristina Fernández | News

Another of those allegedly involved in the failed assassination attempt against the vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández, which occurred on September 1, was arrested this Wednesday by the authorities investigating this crime. in sequence:

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In this case, the person arrested is Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo, who joins the already arrested Fernando Sabag Montiel (who was the one who tried to shoot the official), Brenda Uliarte and Agustina Díaz.

According to the analyzes of the investigators, Carrizo was a participant in the intelligence tasks around the home of Vice President Fernández.

The evidence showed that the citizen arrested this Wednesday was at the corner of Juncal and Uruguay between August 27 and 31, along with other members of a group known as “Los Copitos”.

In addition to having been at the scene of the events at the time of the attack, Carrizo’s situation was aggravated when it was confirmed that hours after the events he posted violent messages in his statuses on the WhatsApp application threatening the country’s president.

However, days before his arrest, the suspect told local media that he was not aware of the plans, nor is he part of a terrorist group.

Carrizo was arrested after an analysis was carried out on his cell phone, which he had left at the disposal of the authorities after the first summons to testify as part (and leader) of the “Los Copitos” group.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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