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Riot in Paraguayan prison leaves three injured and one dead | News

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A riot in the Concepción Regional Penitentiary, in Uruguay, led by the criminal group First Capital Command (PCC) in the midst of an attempted jailbreak, resulted in three injuries, in addition to one death. in sequence:

Protest against high fuel prices in Paraguay

According to reports from the scene, confirmed by the Vice Minister of the Interior, Daniel Benítez, there had previously been a taking of officers as hostages and a subsequent shootout with improvised weapons.

According to the intervening prosecutor on duty Joel Díaz Ferreira, the attempt would be in charge of the member of the First Capital Command (PCC) criminal group, held in the Concepción Regional Penitentiary.

�������� ������������������������������ �� | Mutiny and attempted escape leaves one dead in the Concepción prison

— Radio 780AM (@780AM)
September 14, 2022

Two of the prison officers have already been transferred to a hospital, as confirmed by Commissioner Guido Benítez.

In short, the director of the National Police of Concepción, also commissioner Vidal Galeano, confirmed around midnight on Tuesday that the situation inside the penitentiary had already been controlled and the inmates entered their respective cells.

He also confirmed that in total, there were about 170 inmates who tried to escape, including 130 members of the PCC.

Tonight was violent in Paraguay when in an incident, so far unrelated to this riot, unknown individuals set fire to the headquarters of a local bank.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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