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Father of Julian Assange leads rally to free his son | News

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The father of journalist Julian Assange, John Shipton, starred in a rally this Sunday in Mexico City in which he criticized that United States (USA) officials travel the world proclaiming their defense of freedom of expression, when they persecute their son for justly exercising that right. in sequence:

Julian Assange appeals his extradition to the US from the UK

On the eve of the visit to the Mexican nation by the US Secretary of State, Antony J. Blinken; Shipton thanked the support that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has given to his cause, expressing that “Julian is a world symbol of press freedom.”

Organized by the Colectivo #24F Coalición Vida y Libertad in front of the US Embassy in Mexico, the rally exposed the double discourse of the White House, in its eagerness to extradite Assange to US territory to sentence him to 175 years in prison for founding the WikiLeaks portal.

Shipton, who is a special guest at the celebrations for the Independence of Mexico, is accompanied by his other son and half brother of Assange Gabriel Shipton, remarked that “if Julian falls, journalism falls. That’s how it is”

To which he added that “he has been stripped of each of the essential elements of the human being without having committed any crime. They have taken away his ability to communicate, to express his ideas, to see and speak with his peers, to argue in his own defense. But every act of cruelty committed against him increases our outrage and our determination to free him and bring him back home to his family.”

For his part, Gabriel stated that Blinken cannot give free expression lessons to the world, while they have the best journalist in the world imprisoned; meanwhile, after visiting Assange in Belmarsh, southeast of London, UK, where he is being held, he maintained that both prisoners and guards sympathize with his cause, understand the injustice that is being committed.”

For her part, Edith Cabrera, a member of the #24F collective, affirmed that this stands as the only organization in Latin America that keeps Assange’s cause alive; and López Obrador the only president in the world who has recently offered asylum to the journalist.

After the rally in front of the US diplomatic headquarters, the #24F group marched to the embassy of the United Kingdom, a country in which the last appeal to prevent Assange’s extradition will be resolved this month; that before culminating his mobilization with a bicycle ride to the El Zócalo square.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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