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Puerto Rico without Puerto Ricans | Opinion

“They want the cage, not the birds. Puerto Rico without the Puerto Ricans”,

Pedro Albizu Campos.

The current serious economic, social and political crisis, unprecedented in Puerto Rico, has as its objective the substitution of its population in the national territory. The collapse of the government is part of that equation.

In this way, the imperial power ensures control of all our natural resources and the land, especially the valuable water deposits, which will increase their value exponentially in the future.

For this reason, more than 40% of our national population -almost 6 million- have had to emigrate to the United States, seeking decent and better paid job opportunities. There they find themselves in a classist and racist society that discriminates against them and exploits them economically.

Contrary to other nationalities that have emigrated en masse, Puerto Ricans have historically maintained their Spanish language, customs and traditions. It is a diaspora on the move, clinging to its Caribbean and Latin American roots.

Hence, the National Puerto Rican Parade in New York is the largest annual event of all minorities in the USA, with nearly a million people marching and brandishing the monostar. Those Puerto Rican flags, with the colors inverted from the Cuban one, adopted by José Martí and created by Antonio Vélez Alvarado in 1892, symbolize a noble people struggling to affirm their nationality, in the face of all adversity.

Today, Puerto Rico is standing up fighting on all economic, social and political fronts, after more than 124 years of colonial domination, against the most powerful empire known to mankind. His temper is a mixture of the Taíno Indian, the black and Spanish slaves, who over time have been integrated into a cheerful and combative personality, characteristic of our distinguished nationality.

The fierce defense of Puerto Rican culture has been the most important victory, won through blood and fire, in the face of all the vain attempts to assimilate us. That is the vital trench that reflects a historical deed worthy of admiration and respect for all the nations of the world, who dance to the sound of our musical rhythms and marvel at the quality of our artists and athletes at an international level.

At the moment, in the face of accelerated impoverishment, the generalized crisis resulting from organized crime and rampant public corruption, there is a courageous people seeking to unite all their forces to achieve decolonization and social justice. After the summer of 2019, where we defeated an unscrupulous colonial governor and forced him to resign, that people who are proud of their roots and their culture rise up.

Beyond the ideological differences, we are tracing the path, united through an Urgent Agenda, which serves as a foundation for the construction of a hopeful Country Alliance, inspired by the historical phrase of the Apostle of Cuba: “With all and for the Good for All”, and as the legendary President of Mexico adds, “but first the poor.”

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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