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Lula reaffirms commitment to the reconstruction of Brazil | News

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva reaffirmed this Friday his commitment to the reconstruction of Brazil in all the areas in which the South American country has declined, as he said in an act with evangelicals in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro. in sequence:

Bolsonaro Supporter Kills Lula Supporter in Brazil

“You know that this country used to be much better, and we can rebuild Brazil,” Lula said at the ceremony, while blaming the government headed by Jair Bolsonaro for destroying many of the initiatives that helped the Brazilian people.

The former president affirmed that during the current Executive, informal work increased, caused above all by the creation of the yellow-green card to the detriment of the professional card, which was a failed attempt by the Bolsonaro government to lower the hiring of employees for the Business.

Hoje I met with evangelicals in São Gonçalo to discuss the real problems of Brazil. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet and talk with so many men, women and young people willing to build a better country, with more love, respect and care.

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– Lula 13 (@LulaOficial)
September 9, 2022

“In my Government I collected weapons, and delivered books. This country needs more culture, more education, more health,” Lula recalled, adding that he is going to “govern this country again and I am going to end hunger again,” referring to several of the problems that affect the Brazilian people.

Likewise, the leader of the Workers’ Party stressed that the workers of the Latin American country should enjoy what they produce.

Speaking about the relationship between politics, the State and religion, Lula expressed that “the State must not have religion, it must not have a church, the State must guarantee the functioning and freedom of many churches.”

Similarly, he rejected the use of false news and faith by the Government and Bolsonarist supporters to manipulate citizens in their favor.

“It is not acceptable for a pastor who claims to speak on behalf of God to lie. No one can lie in the name of God. In fact, no one should use God’s name in vain. Or to win votes”, he added.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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