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Panama issues preventive alert for rains and storms | News

The National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) of Panama issued this Wednesday a prevention notice for rains and electrical storms that can affect the entire Latin American nation. in sequence:

Social groups ask the Panamanian Government to comply with agreements

Sinaproc details that this announcement was made public after a threat of intense rainfall associated with the oscillation of the intertropical convergence zone, interaction with a low pressure system and high humidity due to wind flow.

The alert will be in force until next Friday where it includes the regions of Chiriquí, Veraguas, Comarca Ngäbe Buglé, Coclé (Southwest), Herrera and Darién.

The entity evaluated the damage caused by the beginning of the rainy season and detected serious damage to housing due to strong winds and floods, especially in the provinces of Colón and Chiriquí.

At the same time, the Directorate of Hydrometeorology of the Electric Transmission Company explained that for the east of the country, the accumulated rainfall should be between 25 and 50 millimeters, while in the center they should fall between 50 to 125 millimeters and more. 100 mm in the west.

Similarly, this institution took the opportunity to emphasize the danger faced by people who live in mountainous places, coasts and areas near rivers and streams.

Given this situation, Sinaproc urged people to monitor the increase in water levels in river sources, avoid crossing or bathing in them, and pay attention to electrical storms and gusts of wind.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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