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President Petro examines the situation of violence in Buenaventura | News

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, traveled this Tuesday to the port city of Buenaventura, in the department of Valle del Cauca (west), and there he examines with the local authorities and the community the route to protect the life of the population and put put an end to the situation of violence in the town. in sequence:

Colombian President asks the Armed Forces. raise guard in the country

The president traveled to the main Colombian port accompanied by several members of his Cabinet, including the Ministers of Defense and the Interior, Iván Velásquez and Alfonso Prada, respectively, and the Director of the Police, General Henry Sanabria.

In a message spread through social networks, Prada announced that at 09:00 local time the comprehensive security council would begin to meet and that as of 11:00 local time the unified command post for life would be installed.

Previously, Petro had confirmed his intention to travel to Buenaventura in a letter sent to social leader Leonard Rentería, with whom he plans to meet in the afternoon.

In it he told him: “We have to listen to them and be present where violence wants to entrench itself. We will be with you to know your anxieties, your concerns, your needs”.

Petro linked the serious situation of violence that the city is going through with the abandonment in which the Colombian State plunged it for decades. In the letter, in addition, he reiterated the call for total peace that he transmitted to the armed groups throughout the country.

In Buenaventura we will have a productive day today where we will accompany the President in a Security Council, we will speak with leaders of the 2016-2017 strike and we will install a PMU for life in this port. The Government is committed to the development and peace of the Pacific.

– Alfonso Prada (@alfonsoprada)
September 6, 2022

“As Colombians, we need to stop killing each other, we need life to prevail, we need to live in peace after decades and decades of violence,” the head of state stressed.

During the last days, Rentería, social leaders, legislators and other representatives of the community expressed through the networks their concern about the violence in the city, considered a key site for drug trafficking routes and other illicit businesses, hence the clashes between armed groups for control of these activities.

Mr. president @petrogustavo You have allies in us to contribute to the construction of total peace that you propose. Violence has hurt me and my family, it has taken away our relatives, but we believe in La Paz to stop living this reality. We are waiting for you!!

— Leonard Renteria – LeonArt (@LeonardBtura)
September 3, 2022

Since his inauguration as president, Petro has insisted on applying a comprehensive security concept that protects life and banishes violence, promoting peace and development and not the militarization of the territories.

Buenaventura is also listed as one of the ten most important ports in Latin America and it is estimated that it moves more than 53 percent of Colombia’s international trade.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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