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The real importance of the plebiscite on September 4 is that it is a ticket to the future for the country. The conservative forces – from the right and center-left – have once again managed a colossal political swindle. They tried again in the crafty call to the Constitutional Convention to divert to their own interests the demands that the people claimed in the streets. The leaders of the Broad Front even participated in this dark operation –which made the two-thirds blockade of democracy. That allowed the electoralist coalition of “democratic socialism” to define the presidential election and seize the ministerial loot.

The “insurmountable fence” of two-thirds was swept away by the flood of the popular vote. The 154 conventionalists who drafted the new Constitution legitimately represent not only a broad democratic majority. They are also an irrefutable expression of a multiclass and multinational Chile. Conservative propaganda – super-millionaire and criminal in its procedures – has tried to caricature conventional democratic people. But he has not succeeded.

The members of the first democratic Convention in the history of our country, is the frank image of this people that inhabits a strip of land between the mountains and the sea. A vast majority of young workers and students, scientists, artists, social activists, native peoples, sexual dissidents, soldiers, police, make up the army that demands equal rights. Chileans, whose history is plagued by massacres, civil wars and treacherous coups, began a future like the one proposed by the Convention. A future of solidarity to share the fruits of common effort.

However, the political parties, the lowest rung of the institutional framework, try to seize the eventual results of the plebiscite. Both the conservative parties, paid officials of the oligarchy, as well as the circus parties of “social democracy”, waited like alligators for the result of the Convention with the purpose of kidnapping once again the honorable victory of a people so often humiliated. Both “political” coalitions have prepared two compromises to change the proposals of the Convention in a National Congress that no longer represents anyone.

Even so, on September 4, we must ensure a devastating victory for the Approval. There may be discrepancies with one or another article of the proposal. A Constitution that satisfies the interests and beliefs of 15 million voters divided into more than 10 classes and social sectors is impossible. The triumph of the Approval will allow building the political and social movement that validates the rights proposed by the new Constitution. You have to sow seeds in that sense. For example, citizen, population and family groups: the “sunflowers” proposed by the architect and revolutionary militant Raúl Pellegrin Arias

My ideological brother Héctor Llaitul, again in prison, embodies not only the exemplary Mapuche struggle. He also represents the dignity of a political species that has not been destroyed by corruption and opportunism. Together we are hundreds of thousands.


Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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