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Peruvian ministers denounce death threats against them | News

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The Peruvian Prime Minister, Aníbal Torres, and the head of Labor, Alejandro Salas, denounced this Wednesday that they were the object of death threats and acts of intimidation against them for their performance in the Government and support for President Pedro Castillo. in sequence:

Peru makes changes in the command of the National Police

In this sense, Torres expressed in a press conference after the session of the Council of Ministers that “those who threaten my life will gain little”, while reiterating his criticism of the justice system, arguing that a part of it has been penetrated by drug trafficking.

To which he added that “I work for the good of my country, of my homeland, I am not intimidated even by death threats. To those who threaten me with death I say: if they kill me very little they will win because I am already turning the corner (being in the last stage of life). They’re not going to be very successful.”

For his part, the head of the Labor portfolio stated that “many of us, those of us who talk the most, are receiving death threats. They are standing at the doors of our homes. We are obviously handling this with absolute discretion.”

He also explained that the people who threaten the members of the Peruvian Cabinet have already been identified; and added that in the event of any similar incident that is repeated, he will only notify the Police and will not deal with the issue in the media field.

“If that is the cost of having and assuming to serve the country, then let it be the cost. Our families are also notified of this (…) Our threats are real and they exist,” Salas sentenced in relation to the alleged threats that the woman would have received. head of the Special Team of Prosecutors against the corruption of Power, Marita Barreto.

From Tacna, Prime Minister Aníbal Torres asked Congress to put an end to political uncertainty. “Let’s work together for Peru and in this way the people will support us all because they will be part of the government,” he said.

– Council of Ministers (@pcmperu)
September 1, 2022

Salas also ratified the will of the ministers to continue working despite receiving threats of extortion; as part of a campaign of political persecution that some factions of Congress, together with the Prosecutor’s Office and the media, have launched against President Castillo and other members of his Cabinet.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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