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Ecuador exceeds 50 confirmed cases of monkeypox | News

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Health reported on Monday that the country has 51 confirmed cases of monkeypox, with 16 new infections reported in the last week. in sequence:

Ecuador reaches 19 cases of monkeypox

According to the Health entity, the disease is already circulating in seven of the 24 provinces, with Guayas as the center of the most infected, with a total of 17, followed by Azuay, where there are 14, and Pichincha, with 12.

The other cases are distributed in El Oro (four), Santa Elena (two) and Cañar and Los Ríos (one each).

According to the health authorities, of all the cases of monkeypox registered in Ecuador, 42 correspond to male patients and the rest are women.

To prevent the spread of monkeypox, the Ministry of Health has recommended that the population maintain biosafety standards such as hand washing, avoiding the shared use of utensils, sheets, towels; as well as close contact with people who have visible symptoms on the skin.

The Ecuadorian Health Entity has indicated that the country ranks 11th on the list of countries in the region that have reported cases of monkeypox. While the United States, Brazil and Peru are the American countries with the highest number of cases.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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