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Front of All urges to defend democracy in Argentina | News

Representatives of the Frente de Todos in the Argentine city of Rosario urged unions and social organizations this Sunday to remain alert, united and prepared to defend democracy in the nation and mobilize against interference. in sequence:

Cristina Fernández thanks solidarity in Argentina

In this sense, the bloc warned that there is a coup in progress by the oligarchy and the United States (USA), supported by its media, judicial and financial apparatus, indicating that the presence of the Washington ambassador in Buenos Aires, Mark Stanley, and their meddling in the internal politics of the South American country put this plan in evidence.

Likewise, the senators of the Frente de Todos condemned the violent acts by the Police of the City of Buenos Aires against people who came to the home of Vice President Cristina Fernández to support the Vice President.

The parliamentary group added that these events are part of a planned process to exclude Fernández from the national progressive movement and stop the popular emancipatory advance that intensified during these days throughout the country.

“These events demand that all political and social forces speak out forcefully and clearly in support of Fernández and the democratic institutions,” stressed the interbloc.

�� #Release | We repudiate the repression exercised by the police of the City of Buenos Aires against our colleague Máximo Kirchner.

We sympathize with him and with all the compañeras and compañeros who were victims of the violence exercised yesterday.

— Deputies of TOD☀S (@Diputados_Todos)
August 28, 2022

It is worth specifying that, given the support provided by both the people and the Frente de Todos, the head of the Senate, Cristina Fernández, thanked the popular support received and urged those present never to abandon their convictions and, especially the indestructible love of country

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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