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Massacre denounced in Barranquilla, number 71 in Colombia during 2022 | News

The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz), denounced this Sunday the perpetration of a new massacre in Colombia, this time the event took place in the city of Barranquilla, located in the department of Atlántico. in sequence:

Petro will travel to Peru on his first trip as president of Colombia

According to the entity, the event occurred in the Montes de Barranquilla neighborhood, leaving three people dead, who responded to the names of Jorge Eliecer Aguilar, Carlos Julio Suárez and Ángel Mesias Alejandro; the first two victims died at the scene; while the last one died during medical assistance.

Likewise, the institute indicated in its report that the three men were attacked by motorists outside a public establishment.

Massacre #71 occurred in 2022
Barranquilla, Atlantic

Three people were murdered in the Montes neighborhood when they were on the outskirts of a public establishment, the events occurred when gunmen who were mobilizing on a motorcycle attacked these people

— INDEPAZ (@Indepaz)
August 28, 2022

For its part, the Colombian Ombudsman’s Office issued an early warning for the municipalities of Barranquilla, Galapa, Malambo, Puerto Colombia and Soledad due to the violent mechanisms of social control that generate terror in the population of these regions.

“We reiterate our call to the illegal armed groups and criminal organizations that operate in the south of the department, to leave the civilian population out of their actions and, in particular, the indigenous communities of the region,” stressed the Ombudsman.

�� Statement on the threats to the Early Warnings of the @DefensoriaCol . The work of the Ombudsman is essential and has made it possible to save lives on multiple occasions. For all these reasons, their activity must be respected and protected.

– UN Colombia ���� (@onucolombia)
August 28, 2022

It is worth specifying that the crimes are described by the Colombian authorities as expressions of a social control strategy that seeks to guarantee the monopoly of the illegal economies of drug trafficking, extortion and human trafficking.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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