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Chilean Mapuche leader arrested for alleged theft of wood | News

The Chilean Police arrested this Wednesday the Mapuche leader of the Arauco-Malleco Coordinator (CAM), Héctor Llaitul, on charges of alleged theft of wood and resistance to authority. in sequence:

Chili. A great theater of manipulation, lies and few truths

Llaitul was arrested in a restaurant in the city of Cañete, 550 kilometers south of the Chilean capital, Santiago, and would not have offered resistance, according to the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI).

From then on, reports are contradictory about what happened after he was taken by helicopter to a police station in neighboring Temuco, capital of the La Araucanía region, and how long he was detained there.

No one is outside the law in this country.

The phrase of the day…

I asked myself when the acts committed by state agents against Llaitul and other Mapuche leaders in the Huracan case will be sanctioned.

The rule of law runs to certain sides#hectorllaitul

– Karina Riquelme (@Ka_Riquelme_)
August 25, 2022

Llaitul is accused of alleged crimes of “wood theft, usurpation and attack against authority” and statements by the indigenous leader against the Chilean State have also appeared as part of the accusation.

For decades, the Mapuche conflict has confronted the main indigenous Chilean people with the State and large forestry and agricultural companies.

In fact, Llaitul from the Arauco-Malleco Coordinator (CAM) systematically claims actions against large estate companies in the south of the country.

The Chilean Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, justified Llaitul’s capture: “As a government we want to confirm that the rule of law works and no one is above the law.”

The arrest of Llaitul, which will go to court on Thursday, is part of an investigation that began in 2020 after a complaint filed by then-President Sebastián Piñera, to which President Gabriel Boric has now joined.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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