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Argentine President denies having threatened prosecutor Luciani | News

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The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, denounced this Thursday the manipulation of his words about an alleged comparison of the late prosecutor Alberto Nisman, with his counterpart Diego Luciani, who promotes the legal persecution against Cristina Fernández. in sequence:

Argentine President affirms that Cristina did not commit any crime

In this sense, the president assured that “there was a misrepresentation of what I said” while affirming that “Nisman’s name was not introduced by me but by those who asked the question” after there was speculation about an apparent threat against Luciani.

The head of state during an interview granted this Wednesday to national media was asked if he was not afraid that the same thing would happen to the federal prosecutor as to Nisman, who committed suicide in 2015.

Accordingly, Fernández pointed out that “then, since the question spoke about Nisman, in particular, I said what I believe. Nisman committed suicide and I find no reason for that to happen with the prosecutor (Luciani)”.

Similarly, the president specified that “if the question had been about the security of prosecutors, I would have answered that in my government we do not threaten or persecute prosecutors or judges. Therefore, no one should feel at risk.”

In turn, the chief executive assured that it is a misrepresentation since “in the isolated sentence I said that. Nisman’s name appears because it was the question. I was surprised by that question because I thought what does it have to do with it”.

The president emphasized that “Luciani has to be calm because no one from my government has ever visited him,” meanwhile, he asserted that “we are never going to carry out operations with the Justice, nor does any judge or prosecutor have to fear for his integrity.”

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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