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Government of the Italian region of Calabria announces the arrival of nearly 500 Cuban doctors | News

Italian authorities from the Calabria region announced this Wednesday the signing of an agreement with the Government of Cuba on the hiring of nearly 500 medical collaborators from the Caribbean nation to support the lack of health personnel. in sequence:

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The president of Calabria, Roberto Occhiuto, communicated through various platforms that the Cuban doctors will arrive in the southern Italian region starting next September.

In this sense, the official pointed out that the agreement was finalized from various calls launched in recent months to hire doctors for an indefinite period.

Occhiuto specified that there will be 497 doctors who “will serve in our hospital wards” and that “we will integrate them into our health system.” He added that the agreement was signed at the Cuban Embassy in his country.

He affirmed that his government team usually has to deal with various health emergencies and they do not have the human resources to do so, so they run the risk of closing entire rooms or hospitals. “To prevent this from happening, I need to have the entire toolbox at my disposal,” he said.

He pointed out that the negotiation was carried out in recent months with total discretion because “in the meantime, other public and private institutions were persistently exploring the same path.”

He recalled that the island’s doctors “already helped Italy, in Lombardy and Piedmont, in the hardest months of the pandemic” of Covid-19, and assured that “the Cuban school of Medicine is among the best.”

Finally, Occhiuto stated that the negotiating team is satisfied with the signing of the agreement and asserted that with this they will be able to face “with greater serenity the next steps to restore and increasingly improve our regional health.”

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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