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Peruvian President holds meetings with social movements | News

The President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, met on Tuesday at the Government Palace with thousands of mining workers and union representatives from the Port of Callao to attend to their emergencies and gather popular support against the vacancy process being processed by Congress in its against. in sequence:

Peruvian President pays tribute to fallen combatants in Vraem

Representatives of the National Confederation of Small Mining and Artisanal Mining of Peru (Confemin Peru) presented demands to the president for the legalization of their activity and the new regulations required by the artisanal practice.

President Castillo’s response was to recognize that “there are decrees and regulations that are harmful to our fellow workers and must be corrected.” For this, he pointed out, they will set up a technical table with the aim of dealing with such matters.

Today I received more than 1,000 workers and representatives of the National Confederation of Small-scale Mining and Artisanal Mining of Peru (Confemin Peru) to meet their demands for formalization and new regulations for artisanal mining in the country. ( 1/5)

– Pedro Castillo Terrones (@PedroCastilloTe)
August 16, 2022

“We have the political will to attend to their neglected needs. The formalization of mining is very good for the country, the mining entrepreneur, the worker and his families”, said Castillo from the Courtyard of Honor of the Palace.

Some 300 leaders from different social bases of Callao also arrived there, including representatives of health unions, youth movements of artisanal fishing and neighborhood associations.

I held a meeting with leaders of social bases from Callao who have expressed their support and confidence in the management of this government. Peru is above any circumstance. #AlwaysWithThePeople

– Pedro Castillo Terrones (@PedroCastilloTe)
August 17, 2022

Before them, he announced that in less than 10 days they will hold a Decentralized Council of Ministers in that region to discuss the most pressing issues.

Both groups reaffirmed their support for the president for his permanence in power, despite opposition attempts to charge him with alleged corruption.

“More than a year has passed and there is no proof of anything, but stories continue to be created against me and the government. I confirm that I have not taken a single sun from the country,” insisted Castillo.

For its part, the Congress of Peru agreed to “invite” the President of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, before the plenary session, so that he renders accounts “on his statements in which he invoked social organizations to take violent actions,” referring to the call to massive march to Lima, the capital, in defense of the president and the constitutional order.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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