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They denounce the health situation of a woman detained in El Salvador | News

Defense attorneys for a 72-year-old Salvadoran woman, captured under the exceptional regime imposed by President Nayib Bukele, denounced on Thursday the deteriorating state of health of the detainee and demanded her immediate release. in sequence:

Death of prisoners and mass arrests denounced in El Salvador

According to the defense version, there is a Forensic Medicine report in which the deteriorated state of health of the detainee, called Romana Vigil, is documented, but the Prosecutor’s Office does not accept other alternative measures for preventive detention.

A Specialized Court of Instruction in the capital, San Salvador, granted alternative measures to detention for Vigil, after an expert opinion of Legal Medicine determined his deteriorated state of health.

The Specialized Court of San Salvador granted alternative measures to the detention of Romana Vigil, 72 years old, captured under the exceptional regime
Forensic Medicine expert opinion determined his deteriorated state of health. But according to Vigil’s defense, the (FGR) will appeal the decision.

– MAURICIO AGUILAR (@cacoaguilar)
August 12, 2022

The measures were decreed last Tuesday, in a special hearing to review the measures that the defense had requested due to the advanced age of the accused and for suffering from hypertension, heart disease and being a grade I kidney patient.

In this sense, the court established that Romana Vigil pay a bail of 2,700 dollars and the certification of some documents.

However, the detainee will not be able to leave even with the alternative measures because she must wait for the court’s resolution to the appeal made by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Vigil’s case was sent to international human rights organizations. It is argued that her detention was arbitrary, since Romana was arrested for questioning the detention of her daughter-in-law, also under the emergency regime, before a group of police officers.

This week, the Central American University, based in San Salvador, presented a report on the 100 days of establishment of the exceptional regime in that Central American country and denounced the death of almost 60 people in police custody, after being captured under the prevalence of this regimen.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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