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Peruvian ambassadors to the UN and OAS resign | News

Peru’s ambassadors to the United Nations (UN) and the Organization of American States (OAS) announced this Wednesday that they had resigned from their positions since August 7 due to discrepancies with the new policy and representation of their Foreign Ministry. in sequence:

Pedro Castillo affirmed that he will not give up power in Peru

At first, Manuel Rodríguez Cuadros (UN) and Harold Forsyth (OAS) did not publicly express the reasons for their resignation, but the press leaked Rodríguez Cuadros’ letter of resignation to President Castillo and Forsyth argued through his Twitter account .

“I have disagreements with some recent decisions, especially considering the holding of the next OAS General Assembly in Lima, a commitment that we Peruvians obtained by acclamation in November 2021,” Forsyth wrote.

I have informed the President of the Republic, on the 7th of this, of my decision to resign from the position of Permanent Representative of Peru to the OAS, which I have held for a year.

— Harold Forsyth (@hforsyth33)
August 10, 2022

Subsequently, Rodríguez Cuadros tacitly confirmed his decision on the 7th on the same social network, without further explanation.

The former ambassador Rodríguez and former Foreign Minister between 2001 and 2006, had been a defender of the ratification of the Escazú treaty, rejected in July by the Congress of his country.

I confirm that on August 7, I proceeded to resign from the position of Permanent Representative of Peru to the United Nations.

– Manuel Rodríguez Cuadros (@RodrigCuadros)
August 10, 2022

“There are already 29 environmental rights defenders murdered in the Amazon. This fact undermines the values ​​of any democratic society. The protection of defenders is a priority of Peru’s diplomacy in the United Nations. It is essential to ratify the Escazú Agreement”, Rodríguez had said.

A short time ago, he also questioned the commercial and tourist decision to increase the load of daily visitors to Machu Pichu, calling it a violation of international provisions and being against the conservationist spirit.

The resignations coincided with the investiture of Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Mackay as Minister of Foreign Affairs, replacing César Landa, in a wave of changes imposed by Pedro Castillo in his cabinet.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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