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They almost completely control the fire in the city of Matanzas | News

Specialized multinational forces almost entirely control the fire that has ravaged the super tanker base in the Cuban city of Matanzas over the last week, sources from the Caribbean island indicate. in sequence:

President of Cuba visits area affected by fire in Matanzas

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Ávalos, second chief of the Extinction Department of the Cuban Fire Department, declared on Wednesday at a press conference that the total extinction would not be this day, but that little by little they will end it.

Troops from the island, Mexico and Venezuela continue to work from the air, sea and land with technical means to eradicate the small foci that persist in two of the four fuel depots collapsed by the incident, Ávalos explained.

“We proudly say that it has been a unique experience working with our colleagues from Venezuela and Mexico,” said the fire officer.

Experts say that the progressive extinction of the remaining flames is irreversible, so preparatory work is being carried out for free movement in the area, an exhaustive search for those who have disappeared in the exercise of duty, and preparations are being made for recovery.

“The supertanker base is a strategic objective in the storage and distribution of fuels in the country due to its storage capacity (400,000 liters) and its proximity to facilities such as the Antonio Guiteras (Matanzas) and Ernesto Guevara (Santa Cruz del Norte) thermoelectric plants. , to the west),” Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz said on his Twitter account.

��We started the damage assessment to plan the recovery.
��The dumping of water, via land and air, continues, with the aim of cooling the surface and being able to start the search for the disappeared.#ForceMatanzas

– Manuel Marrero Cruz (@MMarreroCruz)
August 10, 2022

Marrero noted that the control of the incident is expressed in the focus of the firefighters’ work in specific areas and in the reduction of smoke emission (now grayish in color), without danger to people.

Likewise, he confirmed that the damage assessment is beginning and after that analysis the recovery planning begins.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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