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Efforts Persist to Put Out Fire in Matanzas, Cuba | News

The general director of the Cubapretróleo company, Néstor Pérez, declared on Cuban television on Saturday that the specialized brigades are working intensely on cooling a tank near the two that were set on fire at the Matanzas supertanker base. in sequence:

Mexican plane arrives in Cuba with aid for fire in Matanzas

According to the official, the priority of the personnel and brigades is to prevent the flames from reaching the adjoining warehouses, still unharmed, or from overheating and evacuating the light fuel stored in them.

In this sense, they mobilize a fleet of trucks with pans and await the arrival this morning of a ship from Havana, to facilitate firefighting operations.

The tanks of the Super Tanker Base of #Massacres that caught fire contained crude oil and fuel oil, in that order.@Cubapetroleo1 it is evacuating the light fuels contained in the rest of the tanks by pailas and during the night and early morning it will do so by boat #ForceCuba ����

— Ministry of Energy and Mines of Cuba (@EnergiaMinasCub)
August 7, 2022

Pérez clarified before public opinion that only two of the four tanks located in that industrial sector of the city of Matanzas, on the edge of the bay of the same name, have been affected.

He also clarified that the impact of the probable rains on the incident would be very favorable to cool the tanks and prevent a presumed spread.

“The helicopters (loaded with water from the bay) were used to keep the surrounding area of ​​dense vegetation moist in which the fuel penetrated and that there were no major complications,” he asserted.

Since the start of the fire, physical barriers such as firewalls have also been put in place to protect the port and nearby residential neighborhoods, from which hundreds of people have been evacuated.

����#ACNreports Update on fire in industrial area of #Massacres

��Authorities from the province of Matanzas and Cupet directors in the territory work to guarantee the constant supply of water in the place where operations are carried out.

— Cuban News Agency (@ACN_Cuba)
August 7, 2022

When asked about the arrival of international support to combat the unprecedented fire in the island’s recent history, he assured that the exchange with specialists and their means of extinction could have a very positive effect on the process.

So far, there have been numerous signs of solidarity with Cuba for the accident and missions from Mexico and Venezuela have already arrived at the scene with experts, technology and efficient chemical substances to contain the combustion.

Last Friday, lightning struck a large crude oil storage tank, causing a fire of great proportions that would later spread to the neighboring tank loaded with fuel, with serious consequences of insecurity for people, the economy and the environment in the city. Cuban from Matanzas.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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