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Latin American media call to fight against the infodemic | News

Directors of public media outlets and Latin American journalists agreed on Friday on the need to advance in the fight against the infodemic as one of the main problems of the digital world and social networks. in sequence:

They highlight teleSUR’s contribution to the empowerment of peoples

In the middle of a forum on the subject, the president of the multimedia TeleSUR, Patricia Villegas, spoke of the importance of working on a joint agenda between the State Governments and the media to achieve greater effectiveness in digital literacy as the main weapon against phenomenon of the infodemic and fake news.

“We must search through the different blocs to which our countries belong so that this issue of literacy is in the highest spheres because it is not just an issue for communicators,” he asserted.

In this sense, the journalist emphasized the need to build a more attractive media agenda, one that is much more like the public agenda, as well as satisfies the needs and interacts with consumers-producers of information (prosumers).

“Let’s think about the agendas, how we are building the agendas, with what news are we starting the newscasts, how much we are copying the schemes of the hegemonic press. Let’s revolutionize in new formats, let’s not be afraid to fail. If the explosion of social networks shows us anything, it is that people are proposing to us what are the topics that interest them”, he affirmed.

This criterion was reinforced by the president of the Argentine agency Télam, Bernarda Llorente, when she assured that many of the solutions to the problems raised can be found within the media, “but that more general solutions have to do with politics, the most understood as action, as outlining a future and citizen participation”.

�� Virtual meeting on “Infodemic and public communication” | How the fake news circuit operates and a series of proposals to combat it

�� The president of Télam, Bernarda Llorente (@bernardallorent)

✍ Romina Calderaro

— SPR Informs (@SPRInforma)
August 6, 2022

The journalism coordinator of the Brazilian agency Lupa, Chico Mares, also spoke of the imperative of teaching people “to read the internet” and also proposed putting more pressure on the companies that control the networks to act against the infodemic.

On the other hand, the panelists discussed the consequences of these phenomena and how they are used as political and economic weapons.

In this sense, Mares explained how in that South American nation with a rapid and powerful campaign against vaccines, confidence in vaccines against Covid-19 fell by almost 20 percent.

“The main weapons now are no longer military or wars for raw materials, but the main problem is the ease with which disinformation content is more successful than news,” explained the president of the State Public Broadcasting System, Jenaro Villamil.

Villamil and the Peruvian writer Hugo Coya expressed their concern about the expansion of fake news as an interest of large companies and circles of power to encourage confusion and increase polarization from hate speech.

“Social networks make a lot of money with fake news. Almost half of the information that circulates on the internet is false and is created for political or economic reasons, because every time it is shared, it generates income for the author.” “, assured Professor Coya.

In this debate that took place this Monday online through the Tal Community, several journalists and communicators, directors or former directors of Latin American media, exchanged information on the current global context and the phenomenon of the infodemic, as well as warning about the consequences it brings and proposed actions to face it.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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