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Mexico and Bolivia strengthen bilateral cooperation relationship | News

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard held meetings on Thursday with Bolivian authorities to strengthen bilateral cooperation relations in various areas, within the framework of his tour of South American countries. in sequence:

Mexican Foreign Minister begins visit to Bolivia as part of tour

During his official visit, Foreign Minister Ebrard had a meeting with President Luis Arce and highlighted his intelligent strategy “to ensure Bolivia’s food and energy self-sufficiency. Growing its economy. Unbeatable bilateral relationship.”

For his part, the Bolivian head of state reaffirmed, through the social network Twitter, “our historical ties of mutual cooperation.”

With great joy, we received in Casa Grande del Pueblo the brother chancellor of #Mexico, @m_ebrardand through him, we send a hug to the president @lopezobrador_ and to the Mexican people. We reaffirm our historical ties of mutual cooperation.
Long live Mexico!
Live #Bolivia����!

– Luis Alberto Arce Catacora (Lucho Arce) (@LuchoXBolivia)
August 4, 2022

In addition, Ebrard met with the Bolivian Foreign Minister, Rogelio Mayta, to strengthen the bilateral agenda framed in cooperation and solidarity between the two nations.

“We agree to have a common action in the field of defense in promotion of the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean, of the ties in our countries, and that the voice of Latin America and the Caribbean be heard in all international arenas” , indicated the Mexican foreign minister.

Similarly, the proposal made to the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) on the common purchase of medicines to guarantee access at a lower price and without imposing conditions on each country was discussed.

For his part, the Bolivian foreign minister stressed that “we have decided to give impetus to the substantive agenda of the region, we ponder the progress made in complying with the roadmap for the reactivation of bilateral mechanisms between Mexico and Bolivia in 2021, with the development of binational meetings on cooperation, commercial, consular and other matters”.

In the joint statement, it was also indicated that both parties “welcomed the conclusion of the negotiation of the Agreement between the Plurinational State of Bolivia and the United Mexican States on Cooperation in the Matter of Protection, Conservation, Recovery and Restitution of Cultural Assets, whose subscription will be sought to finalize before the end of the third quarter of 2022”.

Mexico and Bolivia cooperate on lithium

The Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico highlighted that Bolivia is a country with influence, since it is applying an economic model that has been successful in the advances that have been registered in the country in this area.

Ebrard announced the promotion of an agreement for the exchange of experiences between the state lithium companies of both nations, in order to promote joint work.

The Mexican delegation, led by Ebrard, is expected to visit the lithium plant in the Salar de Uyuni to “strengthen bilateral dialogue with the aim of promoting exchanges and the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge on lithium, in accordance with the priorities and areas of common interest determined in the national policies of each State”, refers to the joint declaration.

After Bolivia, the Mexican foreign minister will travel to Colombia to participate in the inauguration of President-elect Gustavo Petro, to be held on August 7.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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