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Police commander suspended for the death of young people in Colombia | News

The commander of the National Police in the Colombian department of Sucre, Colonel Carlos Andrés Correa, was suspended this Thursday from his position within the investigative process for the death of three young people on July 25 in the town of Sampués. in sequence:

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According to the director of the Colombian Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, the revelation of the police authority of the town where the events took place was ordered urgently.

So far, the National Police Control Office has provisionally suspended eight police officers from the local department, in order to establish the reality of the incident.

Faced with the events that took the lives of 3 young people on July 25, after the murder of our patrolman Diego Ruiz in Sampués, #Sucrewe express to their families and to the country our firm commitment to capture those presumed responsible to bring them to justice.

– General Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia (@DirectorPolicia)
August 4, 2022

Likewise, in the course of the investigations into the crime, the General Inspectorate of the Police accumulated 42 pieces of evidence, 25 testimonies and 17 documents, which were also handed over to other investigations in the country.

Previously, local media indicated that the victims were arrested in raids for the search for the murderers of patrolman Diego Felipe Ruiz Rincón, a crime that was allegedly committed by the Clan del Golfo.

For their part, the relatives and friends close to the young people indicated that they did not belong to any armed group, considering that it is a false positive, the name that has been given in the press to the involvement of members of the Colombian armed forces in the murder of civilians by passing them off as members of irregular armed groups.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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