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The elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, will formally assume his functions as such on August 7, with the mission of transforming the country into a land where a dignified life, free of violence and with peace as a paradigm, are priorities; with solid axes of social justice and climate, among other core issues. in sequence:

What are the challenges that Gustavo Petro will have as president of Colombia?

That is why, from the first minute, promoting this transition and laying the foundations for development in terms of eradicating inequality, stopping the recession of the economy and combating climate change will constitute premises in your government plan, of which we share essential lines of action below.

Women, crucial in building a better country

Petro does not conceive of this change without a leading presence of women, who have been excluded in Colombian society; and for this she projects that at least 50 percent of all public positions at all levels and branches of power are held by women.

the fellow president @petrogustavo He called to build, beyond the militancy of the sectors of the government coalition, inclusive and binding dialogues.

“Dialogue is not a simple forum, it is not an audience where the rulers listen, and they take notes…”

– Moises Ninco Daza (@MoisesAlvaro_)
August 2, 2022

It is a commitment to equality, free from patriarchal approaches and violence, where equality prevails in terms of economy, land ownership, and recognition of care work; as well as the guarantee of all your rights.

To this end, it provides for the creation of a National Care System to recognize, reduce and redistribute the care work that binds them; through public policy instruments that integrate efforts of the State, the private sector and the community in coordination with the popular economy and under the watchful eye of the Ministry of Equality.

My commitment to caring for life, generating economic autonomy for women and the most vulnerable populations.

– Francia Márquez Mina (@FranciaMarquezM)
July 22, 2022

Boosting the economy as a motor of life

The economic projection of the country will be decisive for the leader of the Historical Pact, and the implementation of an agrarian and aquarium reform that enhances productivity under canons of social and environmental justice becomes essential.

The promotion of a public bank as a sponsor of business models, and that seeks to benefit micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as the popular, rural and urban economy, will also be in the sights of the Executive, taking advantage of the unification of the different state financial entities.

To which will be added a commitment to strengthening the popular economy in informality with a pact between that sector and the Government, with special lines of microcredit and forgivable credit; as well as its formalization and recognition in order to strengthen organizational, technical and productive capacities; and guarantee its growth and sustainability.

Likewise, the country’s free trade agreements will be renegotiated, with the aim of improving Colombia’s position in international trade; and it will seek to create an intelligent tariff policy that stimulates the industry.

Agricultural balance and against climate change

The territorial reorganization around water and the promotion of productive activities that protect nature, around this resource and pursuing the environmental governance of each territory will be crucial.

It will be necessary to democratize the access and use of water, under a public management scheme where charges and benefits do not generate segregation or privileges; and with the reestablishment of the environmental control of the hydrographic basins destined to the generation of energy and mining projects.

The food crisis, due to the scarcity of food, is reflected in the growth of its prices: inflation.

I welcome the measures to regulate the export of meat taken by Duque, but it is necessary to go further.

The fight against hunger must begin now

– Gustavo Petro (@petrogustavo)
July 24, 2022

To this end, a gradual de-escalation of the extractivist model and of the economic dependence on oil and coal is foreseen, through the prohibition of the exploitation of unconventional deposits, and the control in terms of hydrocarbon exploration and large-scale open-pit mining.

It also plans to raise the levels of agricultural productivity and generate jobs for millions of families displaced from their lands, cooperatives of agricultural producers and other rural actors; to which he adds an urban policy that combats social and spatial segregation; and are built on the criteria of green, humane, inclusive and productive cities, monitored by the municipal governments.

The creation of a national agricultural innovation system that considers the intercultural dialogue between ancestral and territorial knowledge and scientific knowledge on agroecology, and especially water management for agriculture, will become an important development tool.

���� Nice to chat with @petrogustavopresident-elect of Colombia, to whom I expressed our commitment to work on an inclusive, green and sustainable growth and development agenda, as well as on the country’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

– Carlos Felipe Jaramillo (@CF_Jaramillo)
July 22, 2022

In addition, a transition towards the generation and consumption of renewable energy sources is stipulated, which contributes to confronting climate change, and to increasing the capacities of the productive economy.

Other important issues projected by the Petro-Francia Márquez presidential formula will be directed at the development of information and communication technologies, their services and accessibility; both in the public and private sectors; and the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (Sncti) will be the fundamental instrument for this.

One of the first tasks of the sports ministry is to get the women’s soccer league established.

– Gustavo Petro (@petrogustavo)
July 26, 2022

Strengthening the industry and the creation of infrastructures, together with the development of specialized logistics platforms coupled with the increase in airport, railway and river capacities, will also be in the sights of the new Government; in addition to boosting the tourism industry.

The establishment of decent work policies, with guarantees and rights in all its variants; as well as promoting common goods for the cultural and sports development of the country; among other issues, they also become priority points in the future Government agenda of the Historic Pact.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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