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Chilean government initiates plan to repair victims of the social outbreak | News

The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, reported this Wednesday on the implementation of the Pact Plan for survivors of ocular trauma, as well as the start of the Comprehensive Reparation Table for victims of human rights violations during the social outbreak in 2019. in sequence:

Chile extends the state of emergency in the southern zone for the fourth time

The president stated that this policy (Accompaniment and Care Plan for Ocular Trauma Survivors – PACT), contains a series of measures “to reverse the abandonment and revictimization by the State.”

“I want to start from the recognition of humility. I have the honor of being an elected representative of the State and I existentially commit that this cannot happen again. We have to work for memory, for reparation and for the truth,” said the head of state.

���� What is #COVENANT?

✅ It is the boost in health repair, for victims of ocular trauma in the framework of the demonstrations of the social outbreak, transforming it into a continuous and comprehensive policy.

�� More information at:

– Ministry of Health (@ministeriosalud)
August 3, 2022

For her part, Senator Fabiola Campillai, who suffered the consequences of the repression of the carabineros in 2019, described the action of Gabriel Boric as a historical milestone in Chile, who has decided “to take responsibility for repairing the people for the violations of the human rights perpetrated in the Government of Sebastián Piñera, in order to advance with truth, justice and non-repetition”.

Campillai pointed out that the Comprehensive Reparation Table and the Pact Program “go in the direction of restoring trust and healing a population that was damaged by the State itself. Because we cannot advance in democracy if there is impunity”, he reiterated.

The note issued by the Government indicates that the measures include the training of health teams to offer decent care, as well as “health benefits with financing for the replacement of prostheses throughout the life cycle.”

For their part, the relatives of political prisoners demand the release of young people who were imprisoned during the social outbreak by the Chilean police, and ask the president to comply with his speech during the political campaign for the presidency of the nation, promising “to carry out the maximum efforts to put an end to the unjust imprisonment of hundreds of young people”.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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