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Brazilian Senate approves measure on labor flexibility | News

The Brazilian Senate approved this Wednesday the Provisional Measure (MP 1,109) referring to labor flexibility in calamity situations, which gives more power to the employer by having the power to establish measures only at their discretion. in sequence:

Survey reveals lack of food in 33% of households in Brazil

The measure, which was approved by 51 votes in favor and 17 against, establishes rules for the authorization of food aid paid to workers and regulates the establishment of teleworking by companies.

Among the labor categories that would be modified in conditions declared as calamity in addition to teleworking, is the anticipation of individual and collective vacations, and employment contracts can be temporarily suspended, with a proportional reduction in working hours and salary.

Teletrabalho: Senators approve the basic text of PLV 21/2022, referring to MP 1.108/2022, which regulates teletrabalho and alters Auxílio-Alimentação rules. It is in the vote requests to highlight the text.

— Federal Senate (@SenadoFederal)
August 4, 2022

Said resolution, which repeatedly contemplates the phrase “at the discretion of the employer”, allows measures to be ordered only based on the assessment of the employer, cataloged by some senators as one more initiative for job insecurity.

For Senator Jean Paul Prates, MP 1,109 is a “blank check” to modify the legislation, while Senator Zenaide Maia described it as “inhumane.”

Alluding that it is a measure without deep discussion, Paulo Paim considers that “every state of calamity is a reality. Now, municipality X or Y decides there that it is a state of calamity. If you have the approval of the union, you can make a labor reform, denying the rights of workers, “warned the senator.

MP 1,109 was approved by the Chamber of Deputies last Tuesday with 249 votes, receiving 111 against.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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