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Summit of Original Peoples calls for peace for Colombia | News

The Summit of Native Peoples, which has been in session since last Wednesday in the town of Silvia, department of Cauca (southwest), concluded this Saturday with a unanimous call for Colombia to walk towards peace and leave war behind to become a power of life, as President-elect Gustavo Petro has expressed. in sequence:

Indigenous peoples of Colombia begin summit for unity

In their final declaration, the delegates to the meeting demanded that “the humanitarian, economic, social and environmental emergency of the indigenous peoples” be decreed immediately.

The representatives of the Colombian indigenous peoples argued that they have historically faced “discrimination, social, physical, and cultural extermination,” and that such a measure would help prevent the repetition of that marginalization and the murder of new companions.

Today you will not see something more beautiful and exciting.
“National Summit of Native Peoples”
30,000 compas, mayors and majorities gathered in Silvina Cauca and singing their anthem.

– Gustavo Bolívar (@GustavoBolivar)
July 30, 2022

In their message, the nearly 30,000 participants ratified that they are “original peoples, prior to the formation of nation states, with their own governments, backed by indigenous guards and other forms of spiritual and cultural protection of the territory.”

From them, they indicated that they will participate in the stage of changes that will begin on August 7 in a dialogue of equals, from Government to Government, with structural proposals that allow the materialization of their rights and the transformation of the country.

They welcomed the structural reform initiatives announced by the new Executive and added that they will join them “from the knowledge and wisdom of the peoples, under the principle of progressiveness and non-regressiveness of rights.”

Regarding the National Development Plan, they expressed that “it must be built based on the principles of indigenous specialization, territoriality, demography, unity and good living,” and proposed that it incorporate “an indigenous chapter with the guarantee of budget allocations that allow its implementation. ”.

They highlighted that the government program of the Historical Pact “is built with affirmative measures for the equal participation of indigenous women in all spaces and processes”, as well as “young people, the elderly, children and people with diverse abilities”.

They made it known that they will continue to claim their fundamental rights “to consultation and prior, free and informed consent”, and urged that future administrative and legislative measures guarantee the participation of indigenous peoples in all processes.

Among other issues, they announced the creation of a commission made up of the organizations convening the Summit and accompanied by the indigenous senators to maintain a permanent dialogue with the Petro Executive.

During the Summit, the delegates reflected on the unity in the struggles of the communities to assert their rights and provided answers to the social, economic and environmental crisis that Colombia and humanity are going through.

Representatives of the new government and congressmen from the Historical Pact, such as Gustavo Bolívar, Aida Quilcué and Iván Cepeda, participated in this space for debate and resistance.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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