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Jorge Glas denounces discrimination by the Ecuadorian Government | News

The former vice president of Ecuador, Jorge Glas, detained in prison 4 in Quito, wrote a letter to the director of the Oscar Gabela penitentiary center, expressing his rejection of the discrimination he suffers from the Ministry of Public Health, which refuses to allow him to be treated in a public or private hospital center for emergency tests. in sequence:

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Glas, who has Covid-19, urgently needs to perform CT scans of his lungs due to contagion and the various morbidities that affect his health.

“The Ecuadorian state has deliberately prevented medical examinations from being carried out, just as the directors of the Pablo Arturo Suárez hospital previously prevented my hospitalization despite the joint decision of ALL the doctors from the hospital that they recommended,” states part of his letter.

��#ATTENTION l Through a letter to the director of prison 2 of #Quitoformer Vice President Jorge Glas denounces the prohibition of being treated in any hospital of the IESS or the MSP, to perform a CT scan of his lungs, due to his illness.

– Radio Pichincha (@radio_pichincha)
July 29, 2022

“What happens to my life is your sole responsibility. In my case, at least two CT scans are needed, one at the beginning and one at the end to compare the damage caused by Covid, even a medical student understands it.”

He clarifies that he is not asking for a transfer to the hospital, only that they guarantee the exam he requires in a private center.

After the request, the Ministry of Health and the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS) would have refused to carry out these tests, for which, supposedly, he arranged for “free” care in a private hospital.

“It turns out that the MSP or the SNAI have ordered a ban on transferring me for this, probably someone who is unaware that I have ankylosing spondylitis and that yesterday I injected Golimumab, a medication that, as you know, radically lowers my defenses, endangering my life. “, wrote.

Although he acknowledges that Gabela would have allowed the transfer to be carried out with the medical procedure, he also reiterates that he wants to record that his superiors prevented him from doing so.

Verónica Calderón wrote on her Twitter account: “All responsibility will be with @LassoGuillermo if something more serious happens to Comrade @JorgeGlas, so much inhumanity in prohibiting him from being treated in a public hospital.”

Glas had received a habeas corpus to get out of prison, but the verdict was challenged and the former vice president returned to jail, after a resolution of the Provincial Court of Justice of Santa Elena annulled the ruling.

Glas has two firm convictions for crimes related to acts of corruption: six years for an illicit association in the Odebrecht corruption plot and eight years in prison for bribery in the 2012-2016 Bribery case.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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