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Indepaz reports two new massacres in the north of Colombia | News

The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) reported this Saturday two new massacres that occurred this week in the north of the South American country in the context of a spiral of violence caused by irregular armed groups and drug trafficking organizations. in sequence:

They denounce the murder of another peace signer in Arauca, Colombia

In the first case, Indepaz indicated on its Twitter account that three young people, including two minors, were found with bullet wounds in an abandoned urbanization known as Altos de la Mina, which is located in the municipality of Jagüa de the Ibirico.

Up to $10 million in rewards are offered by the authorities in the municipality of La Jagua de Ibirico, in the northern department of César, for information that allows them to locate those responsible for the triple murder that occurred last Thursday night.

According to the first versions, armed men on motorcycles approached the victims and shot them repeatedly.

In this crime, the victims were three young people, one 18 years old, and two more than 17, who were found dead with a firearm in a building near the Citadel Altos de la Mina, in the urban perimeter.

According to the Secretary of Government, William Díaz, after learning about this massacre, the 55th that occurred in Colombia during 2022, a security council was held in which they not only determined to offer the reward for information, but also agreed on security and safety measures. investigative.

In another case, now in the village of Chochó, rural area of ​​Sincelejo, Sucre, three young people were executed after they had been captured by the police.

In a police operation, three young people died, accused of participating in the murder of patrolman Diego Felipe Ruiz Rincón.

The first information indicates that the three adolescents were on a road near the place where the uniformed man died, where they used to practice motorcycling.

After the armed action against the patrol car, the Police carried out a lockdown operation, in search of those responsible. Then, the agents reached the point where the young people were, who tried to flee. One of them was injured.

According to the testimony of witnesses, the youths were put on a patrol alive, supposedly to transfer the wounded man to a clinic. Hours later, the three dead appeared.

For the community, this may be a case of homicide against civilians, since the victims, according to them, were not involved in the homicide of the patrol car but rather carrying out illegal raids.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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