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Boric proposes that Chile host a dialogue between the Government of Colombia and the ELN | News

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, offered his country this Thursday as the venue to restart the dialogue between the Government of Colombia and the armed group National Liberation Army (ELN), a gesture that was thanked by the vice president-elect, Francia Márquez. in sequence:

Violence and armed conflict leave more than 70,000 displaced in the first semester in Colombia

From the University of Chile, Márquez acknowledged Chile that Boric “has expressed not only his willingness to accompany us in this task of achieving peace, but also offers his home, Chile, as the venue for peace talks between the Colombian State and the THE N”.

The member of the Historical Pact pointed out that the Colombian people are desperate “to live in violence (…) to have to suffer from fear,” and reaffirmed that achieving peace in Colombia is “our main challenge.”

I thank the President of Chile @gabrielboric his fraternal welcome, as well as his willingness to work for the Peace of Colombia.
We value your willingness to work on a new drug policy, against racism, climate change and in favor of gender justice.

– Francia Márquez Mina (@FranciaMarquezM)
July 28, 2022

Similarly, he stressed that “disproportionately those who are living the consequences of this unnecessary armed conflict are the most impoverished populations.”

Márquez also considered it positive that Boric has expressed his willingness to work to achieve complete peace for Colombia and the entire region.

The visit of the Colombian vice president-elect to Chile is included in the framework of a tour of the south of the Latin American continent, in which integration and other vital issues have been addressed. She was in Brazil a few days ago, in the next few hours she will travel to Argentina and then she will visit Bolivia.

Today I had the honor of receiving the future vice president of Colombia, @FranciaMarquezM, great leader and environmental defender with whom I share the vision of union of our peoples and Latin America. I look with great hope and joy at what is happening in Colombia!

— Gabriel Boric Font (@gabrielboric)
July 28, 2022

After the victory on June 19 of Gustavo Petro in the presidential elections, the ELN expressed its willingness to reactivate the peace negotiations held in 2018 in the Cuban capital, Havana, suspended in 2019.

The leader of the ELN, Eliécer Herlinto Chamorro, previously emphasized in a statement that the group is willing “to resume peace talks with the new government so that their results bring peace with social justice for all of Colombia.”

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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