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Murder of another peace signer denounced in Arauca, Colombia | News

The Institute for Development and Peace of Colombia (Indepaz) denounced this Friday the murder of another signer of the Havana Peace Accords, which occurred in the Fortul municipality of the department of Arauca (east). in sequence:

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Indepaz indicated that the victim was identified as Bladimir Herrera Avella, 42 years old, who was in the reinstatement process. With this fact, there are 28 ex-combatants killed in 2022, and 334 since the signing of the agreements in 2016.

In addition, he explained that Herrera was intercepted by armed men when he was on his way to the Alto Purare village, in the Tame municipality, where he was killed along with another person who was with him.

Bladimir Herrera Avella
Fortul – Arauca

Bladimir Herrera Avella was a signatory to the peace agreement, who was currently carrying out his reincorporation process in Arauca.

With Bladimir there are 28 signatories of the agreement killed in 2022 and 334 since the signing of the peace agreement.

— INDEPAZ (@Indepaz)
July 29, 2022

“He was one of the people who had been detained on July 13 by one of the armed groups operating in the area,” Indepaz explained.

For its part, the Comunes Party asserted that there have been seven homicides against signers of the Peace Accords this month. “The State did not protect her life, she is another victim of the so-called “peace with legality” of Duque,” he emphasized through the social network Twitter.

Seven homicides against peace signers this month. Companion Bladimir Herrera was assassinated a few kilometers from Fortul #arauca, in recent days he was held by an armed group. The State did not protect his life, he is another victim of Duque’s so-called “peace with legality”.

— COMMONS �� (@ComunesCoL)
July 29, 2022

Given this fact, the Ombudsman’s Office rejected the crime and requested “the release of nine detained persons, who are part of the group in which the two victims were found. We demand that the lives and rights of those detained be respected.”

The entity had issued an early warning in which it emphasizes that, since 2018, the municipalities of Arauquita, Saravena, Fortul and Tame show high records of involvement by armed groups.

“The greatest variation in the records of homicidal violence is recorded in Arauquita, Fortul and Tame, with 275 percent, 115 percent and 57 percent, respectively,” he specified.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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