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The Brazilian journalist Altamiro Borges considered this Thursday that the racist, discriminatory and fragmenting accent of the hegemonic media underlines the importance of expanding and consolidating alternative and public media such as teleSUR, with counter-hegemonic discourses that are committed to solidarity, equality and integration. in sequence:

They emphasize that teleSUR has built a memory of the peoples in struggle

The expert from the Barao de Itararé Alternative Media Center considered that the corporate media follow very strong economic and class interests, and reproduce the colonizing discourse of the United States, USA, while the alternative and counter-hegemonic media help to unmask neoliberalism already strengthen popular movements.

He assured that the Brazilian media do not show a critical or autonomous vision, but rather that same colonizing approach and opposed to any process of social transformation.

His ideas were part of the dialogue on media in resistance convened by teleSUR on the occasion of its 17th anniversary, and which focuses on the impact of this medium on the alternative and counter-hegemonic media scene.

This Thursday’s meeting was moderated by the Brazilian journalist Betto Almeida, founder of the multi-state company, who was accompanied by the journalist and director of the teleSUR School, Rolando Segura.

Borges valued that having founded teleSUR in 2005 was a great and daring experience, at a time when Latin America was going through a wave of progressivism and an open struggle against neoliberal ideas was being raised.

He analyzed that in subsequent years there was a counterattack from the right with the alliance of local oligarchies and what he called the “evil empire”, alluding to the White House, a moment in which neoliberalism converged in economics, fascism in politics and obscurantism in the field of culture and customs.

He stressed that Latin America and the Caribbean are now facing a new moment of progressivism and highlighted the victory of Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez in Colombia.

The expert estimated that the governments of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula) and Dilma Rousseff missed an opportunity to approach teleSUR and attract a tool that could help resist the bourgeois coup and the action of the empire.

He analyzed that this constitutes another expression of mistakes made by progressivism, from which lessons must be drawn, especially given the possibility of Lula’s victory in the presidential elections next October, he said.

Regarding the electoral contest in Brazil, he stated that the traditional media allowed the current far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, to come to power, since they allowed him to deny politics and demonize the left.

He specified that Bolsonaro does not like the popular field and has tried to find a third way, but this has not worked.

Regarding social networks, he urged to better define them as digital networks, since in many cases they are used to stimulate lies, discord and hatred, all of which opposes, in his opinion, solidarity and unity. He considered that the extreme right continues to gain ground in these networks, but the left is also occupying it little by little.

Regarding the political and electoral scenario in Brazil, Beto Almeida warned that Bolsonaro is threatening to disregard the electoral results and may use minority forces to carry out a coup.

Almeida asserted that Brazilian society could not unite and resist the parliamentary coup against Dilma Rousseff in 2016. Like Borges, he appreciated that in that country the opportunity to create media in defense of democracy was lost, and stressed that this confers greater importance to the defense of unity and the popular vote.

For the closing of the workshop convened by teleSUR, scheduled for this Friday, the Chilean professor Pedro Santander was announced, in a meeting that will be moderated by the journalist and presenter Tatiana Pérez.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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