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Ecuadorian indigenous movement and government resume dialogue | News

The dialogue table between the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) and the Government resumes this Wednesday with an eye on the targeting of subsidies, although from the indigenous side they consider that the proposals made are insufficient and there are still issues to be aired. in sequence:

They raid the house of former Ecuadorian president Moreno for embezzlement

This is the first table of a total of 10 and was inaugurated on July 13. The technical teams of the indigenous organizations and the Government only met twice. July 15 was the last and since then the parties have taken a separate work week.

On the indigenous side, Conaie said through its digital networks that “the agreements reached on public, private and cooperative banking are an important advance, but it is not enough.”

The agreements reached on public, private and
cooperatives are an important step forward, but IT IS NOT ENOUGH. We will continue working so that private banking
Do your part to get thousands of Ecuadorian families out of the credit crisis.

— CONAIE (@CONAIE_Ecuador)
July 26, 2022

This was also expressed by the technician of the targeting table and member of the indigenous organization Patricio Meza, who confirmed: “We believe that there is progress; We have not considered a scenario in which we begin by breaking off the dialogue with the first tables. We are going to do everything on our part to keep this going. We have all the predisposition to be able to move forward in this process.”

In this sense, the indigenous organization announced that “we will continue working so that private banks do their part to get thousands of Ecuadorian families out of the credit crisis.”

In Conaie’s opinion, although there have been achievements with respect to the initial state of debts and suffocating crisis that the social protests unleashed, together with other neoliberal measures, the only thing that the big bank accepts is to restructure or refinance credit operations, which, it emphasizes the entity is not enough.

The follow-up to the consensus agreements at the table will be given by an observation team, made up of delegates from the Conaie organizations, the Council of Evangelical Indigenous Peoples and Organizations of Ecuador (Feine) and the National Confederation of Peasant, Indigenous and Black Organizations ( Fenocin), representing the indigenous movement.

The social struggle is not only of the Mov. Indigenous because the economic crisis and inequality do not have an identity problem, it is up to make the unity of the organizations more powerful.
Meeting of peoples and organizations in resistance of Azuay ⤵️

– Leonidas Iza Salazar Official (@LeonidasIzaSal1)
July 25, 2022

The dialogue to deal with the 10 issues has a term of 90 days, a commitment accepted by the Executive. Although the Minister of Transport and Public Works, Darío Herrera, clarified that for the targeting of subsidies, “as long as necessary” will be taken.

For three weeks in June, the Ecuadorian indigenous movement paralyzed the country, amid intense state repression.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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