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They call for a march for a Constituent Assembly in Peru | News

Political organizations around the leftist New Peru party have called for a national march “for a Constituent Assembly and a new Constitution,” this Wednesday, prior to the first anniversary of the inauguration of President Pedro Castillo. in sequence:

Congress of Peru elects new Board of Directors for the period 2022-2023

Among the demands to the Peruvian government is to initiate the second agrarian reform, a campaign promise which would mainly benefit the 2.2 million small farmers that exist in the South American country.

According to the call, released through social networks, the political organization will demonstrate against Congress with the following phrase: “Neither coup nor continuity!”

The Constituent Organization Peru, by joining the call expresses “The mobilizations against the coup Congress have already begun. What is requested? Constituent Assembly and new sovereign constitution, which is not a sell-out where it is stated that the resources belong to all Peruvians. Either this congress and the new board of directors understand, or we close them!”

The workers organized in the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP) will join the call, who will add to the previous demands claims in relation to labor outsourcing.

From the CGTP they argued that “workers reject the attempts of a sector of Congress that intends to repeal the Supreme Decree, which limits labor outsourcing in the main activities of companies, regulating it to avoid labor exploitation.”

Likewise, the workers’ union will demand “the promotion of a major change in Peruvian politics with the Second Agrarian Reform, a new Political Constitution that responds to the interests of the great majority, the strategic recovery of State resources, the closure of the Congress of the Republic for its constant attacks against labor rights and for the solution to the demands of the workers.”

This Thursday, President Pedro Castillo will celebrate one year at the helm of the country, during which time he has faced opposition from Congress with constant boycotts of the initiatives presented, including the cabinets, as a whole and individual figures.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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