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If there is something to celebrate about teleSUR, in these 17 years, it is having built a historical memory for the peoples who struggle, to which we must refer; Gustavo Borges, director of the Misión Verdad project in Venezuela, said Wednesday. in sequence:

teleSUR analyzes counter-hegemonic information models

Borges spoke at the Seminar celebrating the anniversary of the Latin American information multinational teleSur for its 17 years of existence, in an interview conducted by the multiplatform journalist, Aissa García, head of the correspondent in Mexico.

Valuing teleSur’s contributions to the current counter-hegemonic dispute, Borges said “almost no country in Latin America and the Caribbean has something similar”, while celebrating the creation “in 17 years of an archive of Latin American and Caribbean memory, a professional and detailed record that constitutes a historical work”.

The director of “Mission Truth” also said that this project has grown at the same time as teleSur, because “we were born with the same premises with which TeleSur was born in its day” and had “the impulse of President Hugo Chávez.”

In that sense, he was grateful that TeleSur was the first platform that gave voice to “Misión Verdad”, not only by replicating works, but also through discussions, collaboration, among others: “Thanks to teleSUR we have grown as we have,” he acknowledged.

How to build a counter-hegemonic narrative?

Borges valued as a positive aspect of the current moment of the counter-hegemonic narrative, that realpolitik prevails over the reality manufactured in digital networks.

He said, in that sense, “Propaganda has less and less effect on people”, and went so far as to say that “the second progressive wave is a reaction of the people to neoliberal propaganda”, even the people, in that reaction, have decided vote for projects such as those of Chile and Argentina.

He also celebrated that the creation of counter-hegemonic content surpasses the initiative of left-wing political parties and creates its own identity: “in Colombia, people were ahead of Gustavo Petro’s campaign,” he exemplified.

The director of “Mission Truth” stated that there has also been a greater awareness of the deception offered by the large information and entertainment multinationals.

However, progressive governments, both from the first and second waves, “have not yet understood the importance, beyond declarations, of counter-hegemonic communication. They have not established a plan for counter-information wars, they have dedicated themselves to managing the information crisis,” Borges said.

In that sense, he said that it is a challenge that the left has also been unable to understand that reality cannot be analyzed in a fragmented way.

The central thesis, developed by Borges in this direction, is that “the governments of the first progressive wave in Latin America did not take advantage of the power they had to build ‘two, three, four more teleSUR’. You don’t see any organized counterinformation initiative.”

In this regard, he highlighted the role played by TeleSur in counter-hegemonic communication in the region: “Imagine any of the great events of recent times in Latin America and the Caribbean, without teleSUR. teleSUR made the difference”, he stated.

At the end of his speech, Borges confirmed that “the challenges of teleSUR are those of all of us”: building the memory of our peoples, adding more people, adjusting to the new realities of information consumption, through digital platforms and fight for the integration of our peoples because without it there is no way to confront the hegemonic powers.

“TeleSur is an integration hinge”, he concluded.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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