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Colombian legislators will file projects in favor of peace | News

The Comunes Party of Colombia will present 28 bills this Monday to implement the Peace Agreement, as well as other modifications in economic and political matters, as announced in a statement. in sequence:

UN supports peace process proposed by Petro in Colombia

“In addition to the projects in favor of peace, those who occupy the seats of the Commons will promote reforms in the fields of Political and Electoral Reform, Election to Control Bodies, Differential Criminal Treatment, Guarantees for social protest, Agrarian Jurisdiction, Parks with Peasants “, explains the report.

He explains to others that the new legislative project will be led by five members and five senators of the House of Representatives, who reaffirm their commitment to the Peace Agreement.

The letter mentions the 333 murdered peace signatories as a sign of the absence of humanitarian guarantees in the country and endorses the intention to solve the humanitarian crisis of peasants, former guerrillas, indigenous, Afro and urban communities unleashed during the Government of Iván Duque that did not attend this social line.

On the other hand, the reforms also cover the Public Policy in the Market Square and rural education in Colombia, as well as the Subdirectorate of tertiary roads and attention to indigenous people in the context of the city.

The protection of the “rights of suspects and (the) institutional accompaniment to communities that live in illegal settlements” are added to the folder.

This Monday the Bancada de la Paz will give a press conference in the Constitution Hall of the Congress of the Republic that will also be broadcast on the social networks of the congressmen, according to the official note.

Legislators and progressive parliamentary forces must implement this package of measures five days after the new Congress is installed to facilitate the greatest popular expectation regarding the government of Gustavo Petro, to achieve peace in Colombia.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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