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Referendum on the new Cuban Family Code will be on September 25 | News

The National Assembly of Cuba reported this Friday that the population will exercise their right to vote on September 25 in the popular referendum on the Family Code, a law that dates back to 1975. in sequence:

Cuban deputies approve Family Code

On that date, citizens in the national territory will cast their vote to support or reject the new legal proposal, approved on this day by the deputies, although on September 18 Cubans who are abroad will be able to vote at the respective diplomatic headquarters. .

“Do you agree with the Family Code?” It is the question that will be stated on the ballot, and to be approved said regulation must have 50 percent plus one of the valid ballots.

In addition, the process will be carried out between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (local time), directly and secretly, and all citizens over 16 years of age will participate, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

The Family Code revolutionizes some concepts such as parental responsibility and positive parenting, guaranteeing progressive autonomy and the recognition of children as subjects of rights.

Said norm would guarantee other rights, already protected by the Cuban Constitution, such as marriage between people of the same gender, and the legal recognition of other types of families that already exist in Cuban society.

For the first time in Cuba, the legislation makes caregivers visible and provides them with protection. Likewise, it protects girls and adolescents by eliminating from its articles the possibility of getting married before the age of 18.

The inclusion of the right to sexual and reproductive health is another of the rights recognized in the Code, and that “there is an intentional treatment of discrimination and violence in the family space, with palpable legal effects in each circumstance in which it is presented. and the possibility of its denunciation by any person who has knowledge of these facts”.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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