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Salvadorans demand the release of prisoners from the emergency regime | News

Families of detainees under the emergency regime in El Salvador, from various departments of the Central American country, protested this Tuesday in the central plaza of El Salvador del Mundo and then went to the Government headquarters, to demand the release of their relatives, who they say are unjustly detained. in sequence:

El Salvador approves fourth extension of the state of emergency

The march took place on the same day in which the Legislative Assembly (unicameral parliament) renewed for the fourth time the exceptional regime decreed by President Nayib Bukele in March, which, according to the complaints, allows the violation of the human rights of detainees.

Those present, some of whom were accompanied by children who have been sheltered by other relatives, demanded that the detainees, whose number is estimated at 49,000 people, be respected due process to prove their innocence.

The National Alliance El Salvador en Paz assures that to date, there are 5,000 people captured who have no relation to criminal structures, and 1,200 with formal complaint processes, with 68 people registered as deceased in prisons without due process.

According to the representative of the Alianza Nacional El Salvador en Paz, Ingrid Escobar, quoted by local media, due to the lack of due process and constitutional guarantees, the Salvadoran families decided to demonstrate and denounce the irregularities so that they can be restituted. Your rights.

Today, as part of the protest by relatives of people detained during the Exception Regime, Father Zetino was part of the commission that entered the Presidential House to discuss and deliver a letter requesting freedom for the innocent.

— Hugo díⒶz (@HVladimirD)
July 19, 2022

The march towards the seat of government was stopped by a barricade of the National Civil Police, although some representatives of the marchers entered the Presidential House, and when they left they said that the executive responded that they must present a list with the names of prisoners, identification numbers and date of arrest to clarify these cases.

In these four months, various Salvadoran human rights and civil society organizations have denounced the emergency regime.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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