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They denounce the murder of a social leader in Putumayo, Colombia | News

The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) of Colombia denounced this Wednesday the assassination of social leader José Edilson Vargas Monroy, with whose violent death there are 103 leaders assassinated so far in 2022 and 1,330 since the signing of the Peace Agreement, at the end of 2016. in sequence:

Ex-combatant murdered in Colombia, number 26 in 2022

Vargas Monroy was secretary of the Community Action Board (JAC) in the village of Villanueva, on the border between the municipalities of Puerto Asís and Puerto Caicedo, department of Putumayo (southwest).

According to a statement issued by the Human Rights Network, unknown armed men came to his home last Sunday and shot him at close range amid accusations of collaborating with another illegal armed group.

Jose Edilson Vargas
Puerto Caicedo, Putumayo

José Edison was the secretary of the JAC of the village of Villanueva, affiliated with the Association of Rural Workers of Alto Mecaya ATCAM-affiliate FENSUAGRO. In addition, he participated as a representative of the Mecaya High Nucleus.

— INDEPAZ (@Indepaz)
July 20, 2022

The crime was attributed to a criminal structure calling itself Border Commands. So far no authority has ruled on this incident.

The members of the Human Rights Network reported in their statement that the victim was affiliated with the Association of Rural Workers of Alto Mecaya (Atcam)-Subsidiary Fensuagro, and participated as a representative of the Alto Mecaya Nucleus.

In addition, they demanded that the authorities clarify the case and take action to provide “guarantees of prevention, protection and non-repetition”, as provided for in the Peace Agreement.

Finally, they urged the illegal armed groups to recognize the right to life and not attack civilians in the midst of their territorial disputes in the Middle and Lower Putumayo.

They attack a social leader in Cauca

Indepaz confirmed hours ago that an attempt was made to carry out an attack against another social leader, Hoover Jesús Rengifo, in the urban case of the municipality of Balboa, department of Cauca (west).

According to said organization, this leader presides over the JAC in the village of San Alfonso and was sent to the city of Popayán due to the seriousness of his injuries and his delicate state of health.

The coordinator of the Indepaz Human Rights Observatory, Leonardo González, announced that illegal armed groups are present in that municipality and called on the Colombian government to make a presence in the territory not only with the public force.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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