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Panamanian organizations agree on topics for the dialogue table | News

After two weeks of popular mobilizations against the neoliberal model, this Wednesday the conversations between social organizations that call for the protest and the Catholic Church, acting as mediator, continued in Panama on the single dialogue table with the Government, agreed the day before. in sequence:

Announcement of a single dialogue table with the Government of Panama

The deliberations take place at the Cristo Sembrador Center, of the Diocese of Penonomé, province of Coclé (center), where three popular organizations announced that they had reached a consensus on the issues to be discussed with the Executive.

The Alliance of the United People for Life, the Alliance of Original Peoples and the National Alliance for the Rights of the Organized People (Anadepo) identified among the most important issues fuel, food, medicine, electricity, the proposal to dedicate 6 percent of the Gross Domestic Product for education and the fight against corruption.

Meanwhile, in different parts of the country there were protests against the high cost of living, unemployment, neglect of the problems of indigenous communities and other issues.

Images and videos spread through social networks allow teachers to be seen participating in the taking of Avenida de los Mártires, in Panama City.

Significant was the opening in the province of Chiriquí (west) of a humanitarian corridor for trucks with food, fuel, medical supplies and other products sent to the capital.

The vehicles travel escorted by members of the Single National Union of Workers in the Construction and Similar Industries (Suntracs). A leader of Pueblo Unidos por la Vida, Jaime Caballero, explained in a public act that it was decided to guarantee the shipment of these products by the workers because the fight is against the neoliberal model and not against the people.

Regarding the extension of the protests to pressure the government to listen to the popular sectors, the secretary of Suntracs and spokesman for Pueblo Unidos por la Vida, Saúl Méndez, demanded the cessation of police repression to contribute to the talks.

The @suntracs1 It refers to the caravan of the “Humanitarian Corridor” that left this Wednesday from Chiriquí to Panama, to transport food and fuel. They indicate that it occurs after a consensus with the leaders at the different closing points. #RadioPanama

— Radio Panama (@radiopanama)
July 20, 2022

He was referring to clashes that occurred the day before in the province of Veraguas (center) between demonstrators and the Police, which left an undetermined number of injuries and arrests.

Clashes between protesters and riot police were also reported in the capital, in which they used tear gas to disperse those who were blocking a road.

The protests in Panama began on July 6 and continue despite the government’s attempts to quell them. In its eagerness, the Administration of Laurentino Cortizo took a group of measures that popular organizations consider insufficient.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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