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Carriers and farmers start strike in Peru | News

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Peruvian press media report roadblocks this Monday in several regions of that South American country, from an indefinite strike called by cargo carriers and another 48-hour strike organized by farmers. in sequence:

Heavy transport sector in Peru announces national strike

The demonstrators demand that the Government reduce the price of fuel, carry out the announced second agrarian reform and fulfill other commitments. In the case of farmers, they also ask for support from the sector and the prompt delivery of fertilizers.

In statements to the press, the Deputy Minister of Transportation, Luis Rivera, confirmed the existence of roadblocks in the regions of Piura (north) and Puno (southeast).

At least 80,000 heavy cargo carriers abide by indefinite strike today. They ask for VAT exemption, lower gasoline prices, better regulation of tolls, entry control of international trucks, etc. Months go by and there is no consensus. @ConexiontlSUR
Photo: The Republic

– Ramiro Angulo Machiavello (@RamiroteleSURtv)
July 18, 2022

Before, he asked the strikers not to block roads, so as not to affect the population, and expressed that the Government is interested in dialogue to find solutions, a process that would take place this Monday in the Arequipa region (south).

A leader of the carriers in Puno, Óscar Rodríguez, specified that they cut the access road to Bolivia. He added that the urban carriers joined the strike and that this Tuesday the merchants will do so.

Rivera Pérez stressed that the Executive has been taking actions and making progress in meeting the demands of carriers. He recalled that if the Executive had not adopted measures to mitigate the rise in fuel prices, gasoline would cost five soles more today.

— Ministry of Transport and Communications (@MTC_GobPeru)
July 17, 2022

In the Junín region, protesters block access to the city of Huancayo, while in Cusco a group of close to 500 carriers occupies an access lane to the city of the same name from the south.

In Ayacucho, more than 400 merchants from an important wholesale business suspended their attention to the public due to the strike.

Meanwhile, in Arequipa, some 50 police officers guarded the main access road to the city after 10:00 local time to prevent it from being blocked.

���� Various farmers’ unions have been complying with an agrarian strike at the national level, which was called for this Monday, July 18 and Tuesday, July 19 by the National Confederation of Water Users Boards of Peru (Conajup).

— Successful News (@exitosape)
July 18, 2022

In addition to the claims already mentioned, carriers want the selective consumption tax (ISC) to be eliminated, according to the president of the National Carriers Association, Javier Corrales.

Carriers claim that this measure does not expire in July and extends until the end of the year. In addition, they want it to benefit everyone, since they affirm that today it only does so with large transport companies.

The president of the National Confederation of Irrigation User Boards, Eduardo Contreras, explained that its members are calling for the implementation of the so-called second agrarian reform, for technical and credit support to be increased for the sector, and for other measures to be put into practice that develop the rural environment.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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