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Mobilizations advance in Ecuador on the tenth day of the National Strike | News

Thousands of Ecuadorians represented in social, political and independent organizations continue the mobilizations after the tenth day of the National Strike on Wednesday to demand that the Government fulfill the social debt that the country has. in sequence:

Government of Ecuador refuses to repeal the state of exception

The demonstrators are mobilizing towards the main avenues of the north and center of Quito (capital) with the objective that the Executive recognizes the difficult economic and political situation that the country is going through and implements measures to solve the problems.

The peaceful protests have taken place in various territories of the Ecuadorian nation, where the police have been repressing the demonstrators with tear gas, gunshots, bombs and cartridges. The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon published from its social networks that they accessed “the tomography carried out on the Kichwa community member who died last night, where the tear gas canister embedded in the skull is identified.”

Similarly, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) reaffirmed its willingness to establish a dialogue with President Guillermo Lasso, “during a year of government we have officially sent Carondelet our legitimate demands, we even went to the entire leadership structure to a “call for dialogue” that was public, but we received in response deceit, ridicule, undermining, delegitimization and a racist and colonial narrative that has been installed in the media with government links.

On the other hand, the Ecuadorian group enunciated the various problems for which Lasso has not taken responsibility, including the lack of medicines, the lack of educational infrastructure, unemployment and job insecurity, the high cost of living, the price of fuels, extractivism, insecurity, among others.

Conaie’s proposal to establish a dialogue focuses on the “immediate cessation of the actions of repression and criminalization; the repeal of the state of emergency and guarantees not to impose new decrees in the framework of the current National Strike; cease the attack and respect of the humanitarian protection zones; that the entire agenda be put on the table and there are no “unfeasible” points for the government, but rather efforts to attend to the citizen’s clamor”.

“The problem is structural, we have always been open to dialogue, but not for ridicule. After a year of dialogue without answers, we are not for intermediation, we invite organizations to install oversight and be guarantors of a new process with results”, said the leader of the Conaie, Leonidas Iza.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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