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Chilean Constituent presents draft of new Constitution | News

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The Plenary of the Constitutional Convention of Chile presented on Saturday the first draft of the new Constitution of the South American country, voting on the latest norms and articles that were under discussion. in sequence:

Chilean Constituent approves the right of indigenous people to their lands

With 131 votes in favor, two abstentions and another two votes against, the Plenary approved the preposition formulated by the president of the body, María Elisa Quinteros, to end this stage of debate.

The draft of the future Magna Carta has a total of 499 articles, which must now be discussed by the Harmonization Commission of the Constitutional Convention in the coming days.

When ending the debates and presenting the draft of the possible Constitution, the conventional and all the people present in the hemicycle celebrated this advance with shouts and applause.

“Today we mark a very important milestone. We are pleased to formally announce the closure of the constitutional debate after 103 plenary sessions”, said the president of the CC, María Elisa Quintero.

We are very happy to formally announce that we already have the draft of the New Constitution! �� Today, after 103 plenary sessions, we finally close the constitutional debate! Thus we continue to advance towards a Constitution #FairForChile

– María Elisa Quinteros Cáceres (@MEQChile)
May 15, 2022

From the Constitutional Convention it was indicated that “the draft provides a response in many matters to the demands of Chileans.”

The Chilean Constitution arising from the Constitutional Convention will be the first made by representatives of the entire country, elected by gender parity and with seats reserved for indigenous peoples by citizens.

Chileans are called to participate on September 4 in a plebiscite to approve or reject the constitutional text that emerged from the Constitutional Convention.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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