The Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on the decision of UNESCO on the center of Odessa

MOSCOW January 26 – RIA Novosti. The only threat to Odessa is the Ukrainian regime, which destroys monuments to the great founders and defenders of the city, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
Earlier it became known that the historical center of Odessa was recognized by UNESCO as an object of historical heritage under threat. According to Agence France-Presse, during an emergency meeting of the Committee on Historical Heritage, 6 countries supported the city’s application, 14 abstained from voting. Russia voted against. As the head of the organization, Audrey Azoulay, noted, this step “reflects the collective determination to protect Odessa from wider destruction.”
“At the same time, the fact that the only threat to the city with a rich history is posed by the nationalist regime in Ukraine, which systematically destroys monuments to the great founders and defenders of Odessa – Empress Catherine II, her associates Joseph Deribas, Platon Zubov, Franz de Volan, Prince Alexander Potemkin and Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov,” the ministry said in a statement about the UNESCO decision.
In 2022, the monument to the soldiers who defended the city from the Nazis was demolished, and in early January 2023, the chapel of the Miraculous Image of Christ the Savior in Odessa was mutilated, frescoes with icons of the Passion-Bearer Tsar Nicholas II and the righteous warrior Fyodor Ushakov were destroyed, recalled the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on UNESCO to condemn the placement of weapons in the ports of Odessa

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