Putin says US occupation forces are in Germany

MOSCOW, January 25 – RIA Novosti. After the Second World War, the United States did not legally formalize the end of the occupation of Germany, and legally there are still American occupying troops in the country, Vladimir Putin said.
The head of state today arrived at Moscow State University and talked with students, including discussing international issues. He recalled that the Soviet troops, who were, in particular, in Austria, voluntarily left from there, while the Soviet Union, and later Russia, acted as a guarantor of the Austrian constitution and the neutral status of the republic. According to the President, many Austrians know about this and are grateful to Moscow for its position.

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As for Germany, as Putin emphasized, after the Second World War it was divided into four sectors – American, English, French and Soviet. Subsequently, Moscow legally formalized the termination of the occupation status, but the United States did not.
“And, strictly speaking, formally and legally, there are American occupying troops on the territory of the Federal Republic. And in fact it is – there are a lot of them,” he said.
Putin added that German politicians themselves speak of the country’s lack of independence.
“And the German politicians themselves say that after World War II, Germany has never been a sovereign state in the full sense of the word,” the president stressed.

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