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Trade union organizations in the Italian gas sector began a strike on Wednesday due to the increase in fuel prices and the recent reforms to the distribution networks announced by the Government. in sequence:

Italians carry out strike against the Government of Georgia Meloni

After a meeting with the authorities, the Italian Autonomous Federation of Service Stations (FAIB) will carry out only one day of strike while the Italian Federation of Fuel Plant Managers (Figisc) and the Federation of Gas Stations and Allied (Fegica) They will extend it until Thursday.

In this sense, FAIB accepted some of the points proposed by the government, meanwhile, the other unions considered the proposals of the administration headed by Giorgia Meloni insufficient.

I benzinai si spaccano sullo sciopero di 48 ore. Fegica e Figisc/Anisa, dopo il tavolo with il minister delle Imprese Urso, confirmed the fine stop at the serata of the 26 Gennaio. Confesercenti, invece, retiene positive the openness of the government and reduces it to a single day I sciopero.

— Franco Scarsella (@FrancoScarsell2)
January 24, 2023

The general secretary of Figsic, Paolo Uniti, pointed out that the main obstacle in the negotiations is “the famous poster that for us does not reach the real problem of price transparency”.

In line, the union leader emphasized that “in fact, we believe that a weighted average price could actually lead to an increase in costs. This cartel kills free competition because we set an average price, all those operated will adapt to that”.

I confirm it #sciopero, also it is called sono divise. Faib has decided to end the mobilitazione at 24 hours instead of 48. Fegica e Figisc/Anisa confirmed the stop of two days. Lo sciopero, oggi, starts as scheduled at 19 on the ordinary road and at 22 on the autostrade.

— Discoradio (@discoradioIT)
January 24, 2023

The aforementioned cartel constitutes an established measure, according to the government, to reduce the cost of fuel and consists of showing, together with the prices, the amount of the national average.

From this, gas stations denounce that prices have increased vertiginously due to suspending the excise taxes established in 2022 by the previous administration of the Executive, Mario Draghi.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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